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2016-06-15 / Business

Montante Solar completes energy system

A large, 200-kilowatt rooftop solar energy system has been completed at the Waterfront Village, owned by Cedarland Development, on Lakefront Boulevard in Buffalo.

The installation work was performed by Montante Solar, located in Tonawanda.

“We are committed to integrating sustainable, clean energy practices and infrastructure in our real estate portfolio throughout the city and region,” said Kevin Dagher, Cedarland Development vice president.

The rooftop solar system included the installation of 646 solar panels. According to a prepared statement, the system is projected to generate about 225,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year and will avoid 340,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

This is the equivalent of burning 17,500 gallons of gasoline, or the average energy use for 15 homes.

“We continue to see a great demand for solar energy in the marketplace and in particular by developers and management property entities such as Cedarland Development,” said Daniel Montante, president and founder of Montante Solar. “We had a great experience working with the Cedarland team and hope to work again with them in the future on other projects at their existing facilities.”

In 2009, Montante Solar was established by Daniel and Matthew Montante as a consulting firm to affiliate with TM Montante Development, a family-owned LEED-accredited real estate development company.

The initial mission was to enhance the value of TM Montante Development’s real estate portfolio through the integration of solar technology into its properties.

According to the statement, Montante Solar is credited with the creation of New York State’s first solar-ready business park, Riverview Solar Technology Park, which is located in Tonawanda.

The solar park is a 200-acre shovel-ready site that harnesses the power of the sun to provide electricity to all of its buildings and common areas.

Montante Solar is now the region’s second largest solar installer and the only regional integrator of building integrated photovoltaics, according to the statement.

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