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2016-01-13 / Police Blotter

Resident reports strong odor coming from furnace

Village of Kenmore

Monday, Jan. 4

A Shepard Avenue resident reported that her vehicle had been vandalized sometime overnight.

A Crosby Avenue man reported that his unlocked vehicle had been entered overnight and some items were taken.

Police responded to a Hamilton Boulevard residence after a report of a possible break-in.

Tuesday, Jan. 5

An Elmwood Avenue store employee said he was having problems with a customer who refused to leave the store. An officer informed the customer she was no longer wanted and was to be on her way.

Wednesday, Jan. 6

A woman reported that she witnessed a black man, wearing a black hat with yellow on it and a dark coat, take items from a store and begin heading down Kenmore Avenue.

A man reported a larceny that had taken place in December, and the incident was captured on video.

An employee at a Delaware Avenue store said her wallet was taken during her shift.

Thursday, Jan. 7

A man reported that someone hit a lamppost behind the library.

A woman said her husband had changed the PIN for her bank account and took money from it. The couple are still married, and the incident occurred in Virginia. An officer advised the woman.

Friday, Jan. 8

A Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that her neighbor was sitting in her vehicle and playing loud music. The driver was advised of the complaint and said she would listen to her music at a more reasonable volume.

A Girard Boulevard resident called to report that two middle aged black men with white hair and beards were walking on her lawn near her house. Patrols could not locate the men.

Saturday, Jan. 9

A Girard Boulevard resident reported that someone had removed a bush from her yard. It is unknown who cut it down, but she was satisfied knowing it will grow back next year.

A woman called to report a utility pole that was sparking and smoking. National Grid responded to the scene.

Sunday, Jan. 10

A Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that someone was trying to enter his home. The man’s ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend was seen knocking on the door by patrol. The officer left a message on the ex-girlfriend’s phone stating that she is no longer welcome at the residence.

A McKinley Avenue resident reported a strong odor coming from the furnace. The village fire department responded and said there was no reading and the smell was from the furnace because it hadn’t been in use while the residents were out of town.

Total calls: 277

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported).

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