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2014-11-26 / Front Page

Police chief says all car entries should be reported


Their targets are easy: unlocked cars.

From them, the thieves steal any items they can find, from such valuables as purses, laptops, credit cards, iPods and GPS units to sunglasses and loose change.

Sometimes, when people find that their car has been entered, they don’t report it, said Peter Breitnauer, chief of the Kenmore Police Department. Often it’s because no big items were taken. Maybe just some papers were strewn about and loose change taken.

But he sent out a request recently to the media to publicize the need for all incidents to be reported, no matter how big or small in the eyes of the resident.

“We need people to report these incidents, because these people aren’t easy to catch,” he said. “We don’t have to come out and take a police report, but we want to document the times and addresses so we can develop a plan to do some extra patrol in these areas.”

The village saw two or three rashes of thefts from cars during the summer. Summer is typically when this happens more frequently. It does, however, occur all year. During the night, people walk the streets trying car doors until they find one open. It’s not uncommon for 10 cars to get hit on two or three adjacent streets. Most recently, a number of cars were entered on Hamilton Boulevard and Kinsey Avenue.

“Even if they only get a dollar or two out of each car, it’s enough for whatever cheap drug they want to buy,” said Breitnauer.

Frequently, when only a dollar or two are stolen, residents don’t think to call the police.

“But we need to document it,” said Breitnauer. “We would like to know where and when this is happening.”

That information helps the police know which areas to target. Typically, the people doing the stealing aren’t from within the Kenmore community but from the outside, said Breitnauer.

He said residents should always lock their car doors, noting that while Kenmore is a safe community, people should also not have a false sense of security by leaving their cars unlocked.

Those who find their car has been entered should call the Police Department at 875-1234.

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