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2014-09-17 / Sports

Kiljanski's Corner


Les Simon is one of the most pure baseball guys you can meet in the area. He’s my kind of guy that can just sit down and talk baseball for an entire day.

I always knew he was very passionate about coaching and that he considered it as a second career. In talking with him this past week, he showed me even more than during baseball season about how much he loves to coach high school sports.

This fall he decided to take over the combined Kenmore field hockey team. It was a courageous move because he is replacing Jeff Orlowski who built the team from scratch and put in 14 years with the program. Not to mention, Simon had no previous field hockey experience.

But to his credit, Simon has been giving a 100 percent effort in learning the game and how to go about teaching it to new players. He has some great resources in his assistant coaches — which includes Orlowski — but he’s been on his own to create practice plans and then execute them.

Even though Simon is learning along the way, I really think the Kenmore field hockey program is in good shape. He puts his entire heart and soul into coaching and will give the girls every opportunity to succeed on the field.

Kilijanski Corner is a chance for me to voice my own opinion on a different topic each week. Instead of just reading all about recent results, this gives you an opportunity to see what I think about different players, coaches and teams in the Ken-Ton area. This opinion feature will be placed here each week and have a different focus topic to give credit to those who excel in the area.

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