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2014-09-17 / Business

Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda business community continues to grow

Ken-Ton Chamber Board of Directors

When we talk about the energy being brought to the city of Buffalo and the economic growth we’re beginning to experience, we can’t help but see the increasing effects of progress. We’ve been saying from the beginning that where there is growth in one community, there will be growth in the branches that surround it. We are beginning to see that in Ken-Ton.

While our area has always had a unique perspective with a geographic footprint aligning our city limits, which enables us to patronize and enjoy the entire North/West area of Buffalo as an extension of our community, we still keep our own unique neighborhoods intact with groups and associations focused on making our neighborhoods a place to raise a family and vital enough for all ages and lifestyles to enjoy. We are seeing fertile ground where collaboration with all sectors is coming together, making each group stronger in its individual focus and ideals.

This has gone even further in recent months with great ideas being fostered into new groups. This growth is being spurred by the excitement about what is happening in our community at large. The Chamber works closely to support, empower and help share its message to the larger reach of our membership. With new initiatives beginning and seasoned groups already fostered, we’re taking the time to highlight them here.

The Kenmore Merchants Association helps create, support and foster a vibrant and diversified business environment through meaningful retail event planning, community activism and continuous member involvement.

The Kenmore Village Improvement Society improves the quality of life in the Village of Kenmore through consistent communication, engaging education and thoughtful action.

ReThink Tonawanda is designed to bring together and promote the many great things the Kenmore and Town of Tonawanda community provides.

The Town of Tonawanda Development Corporation delivers traditional economic development services in the Town of Tonawanda.

Ignite Ken-Ton, which is privately funded, is a regional business competition where, on a quarterly basis, startups vie for their share of a $25,000 award. Ignite is a quarterly competition bringing new businesses to the Kenmore Tonawanda region; this competition is solely funded by local companies wishing to give back to the community.

It is sometimes difficult to know what’s out there and what organizations best suit our needs. The Chamber’s contribution is to support the growth, foster the efforts and educate the public on organizations that promote our business community and those businesses that contribute to our neighborhoods. While doing that, we help build an expanding economy with companies that need the support of professional education, commercial advocacy and structured promotion.

As always please help us welcome our newest members to the Chamber fold. Look for updates on these companies through our website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sites: Peaceful Waters Health & Fitness; Manor Lanes; Money Mailer-Bill Barile; Lynx Technologies; UsItek; Advanced Technology Recycling; and Green Pastures Still Waters Massage Therapy.

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