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2014-02-05 / Police Blotter

Dad’s car left running outside store, gets stolen

Village of Kenmore

Friday, Jan. 24

• A Lincoln Boulevard resident reported a dog that was barking for more than an hour in the home behind her own. The responding officer did not find a barking dog.

• A Wilber Avenue resident reported an injured rabbit, which was captured and put into a box. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was notified and was sending someone there.

• An Elmwood Avenue resident reported that someone broke into his home and took his prescription drugs.

Saturday, Jan. 25

• An Elmwood Avenue resident requested that police check on an unknown intoxicated male sitting in the hallway. Police located the man and took him home.

• An Elmwood Avenue man reported that he went to Al’s Corner Store for two minutes and when he went back out, his father’s white Chevrolet Malibu, which he had left running, was gone. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

• An East Hazeltine Avenue resident reported that two barking dogs have been in her neighbor’s yard for the past hour. Police contacted the owner, and she brought the dogs inside.

Sunday, Jan. 26

• An Elmwood Avenue resident reported being awakened by loud voices. She told police her neighbor was having a gathering. Patrols contacted the resident, but there was no gathering, only a television. She was advised to turn it down.

• A McKinley Avenue resident reported a loose black Labrador retriever. She tried to look at the dog tags, but the dog snapped at her. Police checked the area but were unable to locate the dog.

• A Knowlton Avenue resident reported following a black dog with a grey face.

Monday, Jan. 27

• An Elmwood Avenue resident reported that there is music playing so loudly that it’s waking the entire neighborhood. She refused, however, to see a police officer about it. She called back twice more to report the same issue.

• A Wabash Avenue resident reported that her neighbor’s plow service was putting snow in her driveway.

• A Nassau Avenue resident reported that she was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, who was making phone calls to her from the Alden Correctional Facility.

Tuesday, Jan. 28

• A Lincoln Boulevard resident reported that his neighbor backed into his fence. Police said, however, that there was no apparent damage to the fence. It is an ongoing neighbor dispute.

• A Tremaine Avenue resident reported a barking dog. Police could not locate the dog.

• A Shepard Avenue resident reported that she believed someone is either upstairs or downstairs in her home. She said she did not see or hear anyone, but when she tried to close the garage door, it kept going back up. She thinks someone has a second garage door opener and is “messing” with her. Police could not find anyone at that location.

Wednesday, Jan. 29

• A Lincoln Boulevard resident reported seeing smoke all over his apartment but no flames. It was determined that the furnace was the cause of all the smoke.

• A Nassau Avenue resident reported that her daughter never came home the previous evening, and she hasn’t been able to contact her. Police were able to make contact with the daughter, and she told them she was on her way home.

• An Elmwood Avenue resident reported locking his keys inside his vehicle.

Thursday, Jan. 30

• A Shepard Avenue woman reported hearing strange noises inside her home. She activated her alarm in an attempt to scare away the intruder, but she suspected the person might still be in the hallway. Police reported that there was no one appearing to be anywhere inside or outside the property.

• A Delaware Road resident reported that a black suitcase was left in a nearby parking lot and had been there for 15 minutes.

• A Colvin Boulevard resident reported locking himself out of his apartment.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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