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2011-06-15 / Business

Liquor Authority pulls licenses from two businesses


The New York State Liquor Authority took disciplinary action recently against two taverns, one in the Village of Kenmore and the other in the Town of Tonawanda.

During its May 25 meeting in Albany, SLA officials revoked the liquor license for Drifters Bar & Grill, 1141 Military Road, Kenmore. This decision likely came after a stabbing that occurred outside at the bar that left one man dead on April 17.

The SLA, in a release issued June 9, stated that Drifters was the “focal point for police attention” from January 2005 to March 2008. Last year, Drifters had its liquor license suspended for nearly three weeks. Owners also paid a $10,000 penalty for additional infractions such as selling alcohol to minors.

The bar closed following the stabbing incident, and the building is for sale.

SLA officials reported that Joseph A. Guarino, who owned the establishment, surrendered his liquor license in May.

The other business the SLA cited was Yings Wings and Things, 2309 Eggert Road. The business, located near Niagara Falls Boulevard, had is $1,000 bond claim cancelled for serving alcohol to a minor last November.

In September of 2010, The Bee reported that the SLA revoked Yings’ liquor license in 2004 for similar reason and in 2005, there were three reports that the establishment served alcohol to an underage individual. The bar paid a $10,000 civil penalty in November of 2008 for serving alcohol to minors.

Under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law, a Revocation terminates a business’s license and bans the licensee from holding any alcoholic beverage license for a period of two years. A Cancellation also terminates the license, but does not ban the licensee from applying for a license for two years. A Suspension prohibits the consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages for a designated period.

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